Tell me about your journey at Essity!

– I joined Essity in 2004, when it was still a part of SCA. I worked in the Personal Care division in Finland for 1,5 years before I was offered a role as Nordic Marketing Manager for the brand Johnson & Johnson in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2008 I had a baby and went on maternity leave. After that, I wanted to be closer to home in Finland, and left the company in 2010. I spent 12 years at a different company before returning to Essity in august 2022 as Commercial Director for Finland and the Baltics. We are 45 employees in the Finland and Baltics sales and marketing division, working with customers and categories to reach our consumers. 

What first drew you to Essity back in 2004, and why did you come back years later?

– In 2004, it was primarily the role that interested me. It was a position that combined category responsibility with marketing responsibility in close collaboration with customers. But the more I got to know the company, the more I realized that my personal values align with those of Essity. That was also the main reason for me returning last year. Essity has four core beliefs and behaviors: care, courage, collaboration, and commitment. They guide us in our ways of working, decision making, expectations and approach to our business.

What makes you enjoy working at Essity? 

– I have a really great team. Essity is full of competent and skilled employees, and having those kinds of people around you is very motivating. Essity is also at the forefront of development, which is exciting as well as challenging. In Finland especially, we have a high market share, resulting in close relationships with our customers and an opportunity to really affect Finnish retail trade.

Why do you think others should apply for work at Essity?   

– Because it’s a highly value-based company, working here feels meaningful. I go to work every day and feel like I can make a difference and improve people’s everyday lives. Essity is also an employer who puts a lot of focus and effort into us as individuals. There are great opportunities for me and my colleagues to learn new things and advance in our careers.


Writer: Elsa Sjörgren

Name: Maria Estlnder

Titel: Commercial Director Finland and the Baltics  

Education: Master of Science in Economics, Hanken in Helsinki, graduation 2000

Favorite Essity innovation: Washable Absorbent Underwear