Jobbsprånget is a nationwide government-sponsored program that in collaboration with the employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen) is targeting English-speaking, non-European graduates looking for work in Sweden.

Erica Graveley, Employer Attractiveness Specialist “Essity has welcomed 24 interns since 2016 and it is a great opportunity for us to get access to this pool of talent and at the same time give international academics the opportunity to enter the Swedish labor market and working culture. We are committed to making a difference in society, and Jobbsprånget is one way we try to do that.”

Anu Chaudhary from New Delhi lives in Gothenburg with her family and feels very much at ease working at Essity. “I am treated as a valuable team member who can be trusted with meaningful tasks and deliver. I am really enjoying my Essity experience and especially the support I get from my mentor and the Jobbsprånget program.”

She has a master’s degree in computer science and last year she successfully completed an education in Frontend development in E-commerce at ‘Medieinstitutet’. “In my work I am responsible for the replatforming (changing and updating an application to allow it to function on a new platform) of the Baby brand solution. I am supporting the migration of marketing campaign and brand website content and data from the old solution to the new platform. This will help us go live with a seamless user experience for our customers later this year.”

Anu specially enjoys the learning opportunities that comes with the job.

“Essity offers a high-paced working environment to learn and grow which cannot be missed. The work is helping me learn more about both the new and old technical platforms as well as improving my front-end development skills. Important knowledge that will help me in my future career.”

Henrik Pärsén, Senior IT Business Analyst and Anu’s Essity mentor, shares ” Our team has received the opportunity to work with an experienced and talented colleague. In just a short period of time Anu became self-sufficient and she is now a natural team member and a valuable resource for the project. To work in English and drink coffee (fika) in Swedish has also proven to be a good way for Anu to learn and practice Swedish.”

In June 2022 was Anu employed as an Application Developer at Essity.