1. I confirm that I am only submitting non-confidential information in my submission and I agree that Essity has the right to consider any information that I submit as non-confidential public information. 
  2. I confirm that I have the right to make my submission, that I am at least 18 years old and that I am not breaching any confidentiality or other obligations towards 3rd parties by making my submission. 
  3. I agree that Essity is free to decide whether or not it is interested in my submission and I confirm that I shall not challenge Essity’s decision if it decides not to pursue my submission. I agree that Essity is not obliged to provide me with any explanation if it decides not to pursue my submission and I also agree that Essity shall not be obliged to return any materials included in my submission. 
  4. I agree that Essity does not have an obligation to provide me with any information concerning its activities in the area of my submission and I acknowledge and accept that Essity may or may not already be working independently on activities in the same area as covered by my submission. 
  5. With the exception of my rights under any valid patent or other intellectual property rights, I waive any and all claims arising out of my submission concerning the development of a new Essity product or an adaptation or improvement of an existing Essity product. 
  6. I acknowledge that in making my submission I am asked to provide some personal information (including name and email address) and I expressly agree that Essity shall have the right to process and store this personal information for purposes of evaluating my submission. 
  7. I agree that if my submission is of interest to Essity, then I may be required to sign a further agreement with Essity so that any confidential information that is subsequently shared is adequately protected. 
  8. I agree that this submission agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Essity and me in respect of the submission I make. 
  9. I agree that the terms and conditions of this submission agreement are governed by Swedish law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Stockholm