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Essity B 218.4 (+2.3 SEK) on 21-Nov-2018 17:29

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Don Lewis

Don Lewis (1961)

MSc Econ.

President, Professional Hygiene.

  • Anställd sedan:2012 (i SCA sedan 2002)
  • Essity ADR18.746
Volker Zöller

Volker Zöller (1967)


President, Consumer Goods.

  • Anställd sedan:2015 (hos SCA sedan 1994)
  • B Shares5.650
Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes (1973)

MSc Econ, MBA

President, Latin America

  • Anställd sedan:2015 (hos SCA sedan 2006).
  • Essity ADR:2.707
  • B-aktier:9,448
Margareta Lehmann

Margareta Lehmann (1958)

MSc Econ.

President, Health and Medical Solutions

  • Anställd sedan:1983
  • B-aktier:12,414
Donato Giorgio

Donato Giorgio (1973)

MSc Eng.

President, Global Hygiene Supply Tissue

  • Anställd sedan: 2015 (hos SCA sedan 2009).
  • B-aktier3,672
Ulrika Kolsrud

Ulrika Kolsrud (1970)

MSc Eng.

President, Global Hygiene Supply Personal Care

  • Anställd sedan:2015 (hos SCA sedan 1995).
  • B-aktier:3,653

Tuomas Yrjölä (1978)

MSc. Econ.

President, Global Hygiene Category

  • Anställd sedan:2017